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TrioCFD (previously named "Trio_U") is a programmable software for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code, based on the TRUST platform (TRio_U Software for Thermohydraulics).

It is developed in the Thermohydraulics Service and Fluid Mechanics (STMF) of the Department of Nuclear Energy at the CEA.

The qualities of the TrioCFD code are based on a multidisciplinary research team in physical modeling, numerical analysis and software architecture.

The physical models developed, the numerical methods used and the massive parallelism of the TrioCFD code allow to simulate various problems, going from local simulations of two-phase flows to simulations of turbulent flows on industrial facilities such as portions of nuclear reactors.
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  Simulation at the scale of a nuclear reactor

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Direct numerical simulation of boiling


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